Fire Red
Ultra Blue
Vivid Orange
Emerald Green
Lime Green
Scarlet Red
Reflex Blue
Brilliant Orange
Forrest Green
Rubine Red
Warm Red
Navy Blue
Rhodamine Red
Process Blue
Lemon Yellow
Medium Yellow

Notice: Due to the variations in all computer monitors these colors may not display correctly on your computer. Perfect matching is not guaranteed unless you specify a pms color by number or name. Four color process printing is available on corrugated plastic signs Up To 24 x 36.

Standard Colors  and their
PMS Equivalents:
Fire Red American Flag Red
Ultra Blue American Flag Blue
Lemon Yellow PMS 106
Medium Yellow PMS 123
Maroon PMS 195
Burgandy PMS 201
Scarlet Red one shade lighter than PMS 201
Warm Red PMS Warm Red
Rubine Red PMS Rubine Red
Rhodamine Red PMS Rhodamine Red
Reflex Blue PMS Reflex Blue
Peacock Blue PMS 2935
Process Blue PMS Process Blue
Purple PMS 2593
Navy PMS 282
Brilliant Orange PMS 1655
Vivid Orange PMS 1585
Emerald Green PMS Green
Forest Green PMS 3415
Teal PMS 321
Lime Green PMS 7481
Black PMS Black
Brown PMS 1545